Promoted to “member” of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

1968 Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering
1965 Awarded a “Full Technological Certificate
1964 B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering
1965 B.S. degree in Machine Shop Technology
Ian Ayton’s formal engineering education took place in England from 1958 through 1968. The educational climate in England during this period emphasized the importance of providing capable engineers to help maintain the technical strength of Britain. This translated to ensuring a practical as well as an academic education to the very high standards demanded by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. On his 16th birthday Ian was accepted as a 5 year indentured apprentice with the famous British engineering company; D. Napier & Son. This company, established in 1808 as a print machine manufacturer evolved into a highly respected automobile and aircraft engine manufacturer. Napier was a fierce competitor to Rolls Royce and was eventually taken over by them halfway through his apprenticeship term. During his apprenticeship, as was customary for the time, he worked at the company four days each week as a trainee in various workshop and design departments. For his academic training he attended Southall College of Technology for one day, Saturday mornings and three evenings each week. This translated to 35 hours a week in practical training and 20 hours a week at college. On completing his apprenticeship he went to work for Rank Pullin Controls, an aircraft control system manufacturer. He worked there as an environmental test technician and completed his bachelors degree. About a year after joining Rank Pullin he invented a very useful piece of test equipment that saved the company a great deal of money. As a reward, the company offered him a scholarship that made it possible to obtain his masters degree; four years at Southall Tech. on full pay.