Castrol Oil Company required a test rig to evaluate the life and performance of hydrostatic pumps and motors using their transmission oil products. This rig required a 100 horsepower induction motor driving a variable speed hydrostatic drive to permit testing over a wide range of loads and speeds. Design and construction was accomplished over a period of 9 months and the result was adopted as the standard for evaluating oils of this type by the petroleum Institute.  
Ameron had a broad range of piping products they fabricated from glass reinforced plastic that were used for the distribution of corrosive fluids. Ian Ayton was hired to investigate the feasibility of Ameron manufacturing a range of control valves from 2 to 12 inches that would be compatible with their pipe products and allow Ameron to gain entry into the highly profitable corrosive service valve business. Many design alternative s were evaluated from performance and economic considerations before a comprehensive report was drawn up discouraging Ameron from entering the valve business. Sometimes it makes sense to stick with the business you’ve come to understand.

Omni Systems hired Ian Ayton to help with the mechanical design of a Lunar spacecraft that would be launched into a polar orbit of the Moon. Omni possessed most of the technical expertise required to define the spacecrafts many performance and design parameters but lacked the ability to tie the hardware together into a coordinate design. Ian was responsible for the mechanical design and fabrication of a full sized prototype that would be used to assess the packaging specifications of the crafts many systems. Omni did not complete the project but the work done was later used as the basis for the Lunar orbiter successfully launched in 1998.
Innovative Intelcom Industries required prototyping and design assistance with the development of the combination portable phone / TV controller they were developing for Hughes. In addition to the mechanical engineering support provided, Ian fabricated 50 fully functional prototypes to allow field testing of the product by Hughes and provided the prototypes used by the injection mold toolmakers for the final production design.