In addition to being a very capable engineer
               Ian Ayton is a consummate craftsman
                         in the workshop
                                   and at the computer.

Design Tools.
Familiarity with the capabilities and limitations of the latest CAD design tools is an essential feature of today's design office. Ian Ayton stays current with many of these tools so that he is able to best serve the needs of his clientele. Computer Aided Design tools currently used are:-
SolidWorks ProEngineer

Fabrication Tools.
A comprehensive model shop is also maintained at Ayton & Company. This shop provides for the capability to create virtually anything required, including:-

Plastic part fabrication Injection molding
Vacuum forming Casting
Composite lay-ups Machining
Welding Painting

Outside resources.
Inevitably there will always be things better serviced by outside vendors. Ayton & Company has a regular working relationship with those listed below.

Industrial designers Rapid Prototyping
Stereolithography CNC machining
Electronic circuit design Electroplating