The building of Ian Aytonís Long-EZ personal aircraft was accomplished over a period of 4 years and has been described as one of the most innovative yet built. It has many features that that have been copied by other builders and has won awards for quality of construction, innovation and performance. This aircraft is used as transportation to clients and in most cases will permit access to any airport in the western third of the US in less time than a commercial flight. Most of this aircraft was fabricated from scratch affording an excellent opportunity to learn about many processes including composite design and construction. Joining all flights taken in this craft end to end would circumnavigate Earth over 12 times.
This 1956 Jaguar XK 140 MC was purchased as a partially dismantled wreck in 1971. During the restoration period of 6 years every component of the vehicle was completely refurbished to as new condition. With the exception of some of the upholstery and all the plating all of the work was done by Ian. There are no deviations from the original specification on this machine because it was felt that any alterations would detract from its intrinsic value. From a potential Ayton & Company clientís point of view it demonstrates determination and attention to detail, valuable traits desirable in any employee. This vehicle is in frequent use today and is a common sight on the roads of Santa Barbara County, California.

This 1957 Triumph Tiger 110 motorcycle was gradually restored over a period of 4 years and represented an attempt by Ian to return to the days of his youth. Virtually identical to the machine he rode in his late teens this motorcycle looked gorgeous but unfortunately did not live up to its promise in other respects. Handling and brakes were dangerous by comparison with his new BMW so it was sold in the interests of preserving life.
The steel arch shown here was designed and built by Ian as part of his daughters wedding ceremony in the Aytonís garden in September 1998. All the steel was bent and welded in the Ayton & Company workshop.

The hammock shown here is a feature of the Aytonís back yard. It was designed and built by Ian and conceived as a device for viewing the night skies of the Santa Ynez valley. A unique feature of this design is that the stand is supported in the ground in a tubular post that permits rotation allowing views in any desired direction. This device is known locally as the ĒTime MachineĒ because it resembles the contraption in the H. G. Wells inspired movie of the same name and has been responsible for wasting many hours.
The Jaguar Mark 2 is considered by many, mostly in England, to be the first and finest looking true sports sedan. This 1964 example was purchased by Ian in 1988 in a very neglected condition. Restoration to itís current, like new condition, was accomplished by Ian over a 5 year period. Since 1993 this car has been used as the Aytonís primary local transportation means and covers approximately 5000 miles each year.