You will benefit from the experience
                    gained in a broad range
                              of diverse industries.


Ian Ayton has worked for all those companies listed below:-

Mattel Toys    Rolls Royce   Lifemed   Diatek   Tomy Toys   Rainbird Elixir Industries   Hollywood Accessories   Wonder Toys   Plastiglide American Sunroof   Castrol Oil   Baxter Laboratories   Organon Teknika   Lyntone Engineering   Ameron   Phone Mate   Innovative Stamping   Sta-Lube   D. Napier & Son   Renalab   Phase One Products.    Anatros Liberty Sporting Goods   Horizon Concepts   Joseph Solomon   Adnik Dental Products   Arts & Science Tech.   Servall Packaging   Cal Custom Hawk   Med Time   Melmat   Hydro Gardens   Klick Industries   Day Lab   Western Technologies   Cal R&D   D&D Plastics   Galoob Toys   CBS Toys   Kathy Blessor Design Purcor   Eldon Office Products   Multac   Omega Medical   Junius   Redy Laboratories   Fundamental Products   Feedcraft   Erin Works   CCI Life Systems   Vivitar   Wonderline Toys   Rondure   Rudell Design   Asha   California Product Development   Smith Engineering   TriVascular   Laser Therapeutics   Medical Concepts   Innovative Intelcom   Jeff Bisch Design   Yes Entertainment   OddzOn Toys   The Resource   Tyco Toys   Andrew Patch   Cox Toys   Manley Toy Quest   Toy Wizards   Solutions   Leap Frog   Playmates Toys   May Curren Associates   Jano Beny Enterprises   Omni Systems   Design O Matic   Pelican Products   Rank Pullin Controls   Mansion Industries   Ohio Art