Ian Ayton has a rare combination of talents that allow him to solve mechanical engineering problems at a very high level. One important reason for his outstanding record of success is because he is able to perform all key problem solving functions himself:-


Familiarity with many fabrication options makes it much easier to select the most expedient method to build a prototype.
Since the mind that created the solution goes on to build the solution, time is saved because many details need not be documented.
     Normally an engineer would need to create very specific documentation to allow a craftsman to fabricate his ideas.
Any creative person is impatient to experience the proof of their idea. This natural impatience speeds the means of proof.





One mind focused with skill and experience at each discrete step will always outperform a fragmented design effort. Communication with others is crucial but channeling all the data through one mind is a critical feature of a coordinated design.
Familiarity with the manufacturing process will always result in a superior design.



A quality solution resolved in less time costs less.