You can benefit from the services offered by Ian
               Ayton in three main areas of the product
                         development process.

Mechanical Engineering Design. During the course of his career Ian has solved many engineering problems that have been regarded as major advances in the then current state of the art. Many of these have resulted in the issue of patents. The latest software tools, such as SolidWorks, ProEngineer and CadKey have been used to create these solutions.
Prototyping. There are substantial advantages to be realized by having the engineer that defined the solution actually build the prototype. Speed, Quality and Cost! The comprehensive workshop that Ian Ayton has assembled enables him to fabricate anything imaginable. Parts that cannot be made in house, such as from stereolithography, are sourced through outside vendors.

Project Management. Ian Aytonís direct involvement in over 200 projects will provide you with valuable insight into the complexities and pitfalls of project management. Large toy companies such as Mattel have refined the development process to a fine art, each year adding hundreds of new items to their product line. The lessons learned from these volume producers, applied to your project will dramatically enhance your probabilities of success.

Ian Ayton has been employed on several occasions as an expert witness with respect to patent infringement and safety issues.